Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration

The historic Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Grounds in Shelbyville, TN is home to The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration®, which takes place each year in late summer for the 11 days ending on the Saturday night before Labor Day.

In the continuing effort to balance session times and to offer classes best supported by entries at the Celebration, the schedule committee has made some amendments to the 2019 schedule.

In the morning sessions, these adjustments include shifting AOT Lite Shod and AOT English Trail Pleasure classes from Saturday morning into the Monday morning line up.

“The parallel objectives of briskly paced, reasonable session lengths along with competitive classes remain the Celebration Board’s goal and these initiatives help achieve that,” said Celebration CEO Mike Inman.

Other changes involving the Saturday a.m. session include the Auxiliary Youth Equitation 6-11, which will shift to Wednesday morning and the two Auxiliary Youth Equitation Canter classes, 12-14 and 15-17, respectively, will compete on Thursday morning. This will put all the morning sessions in a better position to be completed by the target of noon each day.

For the evening sessions, the O/A Western Country Pleasure WGC and O/A English Country Pleasure WGC will combine into an optional tack championship on Friday evening of the World Grand Championships.  This effort will make all the flat shod World Grand Championships consistent as to tack and hopefully increase the number of entries vying for this honor.

There are two new classes planned for the upcoming year. These include the offering of a Novice Youth Country Pleasure class competing on Wednesday morning. Secondly, after last year’s support of Adult All Day Pleasure, a Youth All Day Pleasure will be added to the Friday morning line up in 2019.